t-test and p-value

I’ve just finished an article about t-test and p-value. This time, I decided to use Jupyter note for the post because I found it easier for me to add some code along the way. Please click the link below for further reading: View via nbviewer (If the link dies, click here to get original source)

StratifiedKFold and StratifiedShuffleSplit in Sklearn

What is the difference between StratifiedKFold and StratifiedShuffleSplit in sklearn ? StratifiedKFold is a variation of KFold. First, StratifiedKFold shuffles your data, after that splits the data into n_splits parts and Done. Now, it will use each part as a test set. Note that it only and always shuffles data one time before splitting. With shuffle […]

Conversation in coffee shop

Catch up We havent seen each other in/for a while What do you recommend ? What do you want ? I’ll have/ I’ll get/ I’ll take: I’ll have an iced latte. It’s my shout ‘cuz you got the last one. Here comes the iced latte. How’s your week been ? – It’s been pretty good. […]

Real English Conversation #1

1, Odd jobs: Part-time/unimportant jobs 2, to an extent: to a limit 3, to acclimate to sth: get used to 4, It took a lot of guts to do sth: It took courage 5, to hash something out: to talk about something with someone else in order to reach agreement about it. Example: You two hash out the details of the presentation. […]